2-Bed Condo in Malaga, Spain

  • Listed on Airbnb: Since 2017 (4.71 rating)
  • Revenue from bookings: €33,200/year
  • Operating costs: €15,700/year (including rental management)
  • Net profit: €17,500/year
  • Cap rate: 5.92%


This opulent 5-bedroom villa, graced with a splendid pool, is ensconced within the seclusion of 5 lush acres of tropical gardens on St. Lucia’s West Coast, situated just south of Marigot Bay and in close proximity to the upcoming Anse Galet Eco development. An additional 9.71 acres of land adjacent to the property are also available for purchase.

With its convenient proximity to the sea and a proven track record of generating an annual gross income of approximately US$100,000 through short-term rentals to a discerning clientele, this property presents a multifaceted opportunity as a business, an investment, or a personal residence set within a private tropical haven.

This offering includes the property in its entirety, fully furnished and operational, complete with existing bookings and an established website. The property not only boasts potential for ongoing revenue growth through short-term rentals but also stands as an exceptional dwelling in a tranquil and private St. Lucian locale.

Furthermore, the expansive private grounds open up exciting prospects for expansion, including the possibility of transforming it into a boutique hotel or developing a private estate within the available adjoining land, totaling an impressive 14.71 acres.

Buying Taxes

  • Transfer tax: €26,500*
  • Notary fees: €700*
  • Property tax: €400/year

*Approximate costs

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