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How to Get Financing for Rental Properties Overseas

You might be thinking about how to get a loan to buy properties overseas. Unfortunately, it is not as straightforward as getting a mortgage in your home country, but it’s still doable in many cases. Keep in mind that interest rates vary a lot globally and can be anywhere between 3% to 15%. In this […]


Costs of Operating Managed Short-Term Rental Properties

After analyzing hundreds of profit and loss statements from short-term rental properties, we have developed expectations regarding the costs you can anticipate when running a vacation rental in a foreign country. Below, we provide general guidelines for the expenses you should be prepared to pay. 1. Rental Management Costs The most significant expense when operating […]


How to Calculate Yields

You might be wondering how to calculate NET yields and exactly how much money you will be getting from renting out the properties you buy. If you have checked the properties listed on our marketplace, you may have noticed that we have written Net Yield: 6.3% or Net Yield: 5.9% next to the title. This […]